Best Facilities For Hujjaj | Post Hajj Umrah To Resume In Moharram; Shafiq

FAISALABAD: Travel agents association of Pakistan (TAAP) leader Hafiz Shafiq Kashif has said that arrangements have been made to send Umrah Zaireen next year from the month of Moharram as in groups. The purpose of this is to give Umrah zaireen best services and arrangements and to train them by Islamic teachings.

After returning from Saudi Arabia Shafiq said that the Pakistan will prepare such people who not only change themselves but also the society after hajj and umrah. He said Islamic training of Aazmeen hajj and umrah is the first priority, for that purpose we will use all the resources. Hafiz Shafiq attended different government and private ceremonies during his visit and also had a special meeting with Salah Bin Muhammad Al Budair, former Imam of Masjid al-Haram and a current Imam of the Grand Masjid in Madinah and a Judge of the High Court of Madinah and took instructions from him to train and guide azmeene hajj according to Islamic teachings. Imam harm assured that Saudi govt. will play its part for providing good accommodation, health, transport and peace as well as they will  play their part in instructions and training of hajj and umrah zaireen.  The  first umrah group in which more than hundred zaireen will go  in the first week of Moharram and Hafiz Shafiq Kashif himself will lead the group. Remember that visa will remain open in 10th month other than Zhul-Qa’dah and Zhul-Hijjah , so in this year umrah will remain open and zaireen will be able to go till 30 Shawwal.

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