Ramadan Festivities | Asia Live International Iftar Buffet Dinner

KARACHI: Ramadan the month of blessings and Avari Towers Karachi is celebrating this festive season in full swing. Avari Towers is offering the best International Iftar buffet dinner in town at Asia Live.

Asia Live’s International Iftar Buffet Dinner is an extensive buffet, which covers a fusion of several cuisines; To call the buffet extravagant would be an understatement.  . These cuisines include an endless variety of Pakistani, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, European, Italian, Mexican and Arabic. A salad bar with an assortment of different forms of fresh and appetizing salads is beautifully arranged at the restaurant. The eatery offers food as local as paani puri to as international as Tacos. Apart from this the restaurant also has an Iftar Counter, which is very artistically laid out and includes all the items mandatory in terms of Iftaar for a local. You will find Pakoras, Kebabs, Rolls, Samosas, Dahi Baray and much more on this counter. In buffets it is important that food is kept just the right temperature and Asia Live did that just right. All the main dishes had its own touch and are heavenly in taste be it our traditional dish biryani or sushi or beef in oyster sauce.

Towards the end of a food ride everyone needs a dessert and Asia Live at Avari Towers catered that amazingly as well. A display of delectable variety of desserts was arranged at the restaurant and each of those desserts looked luxurious and delicious. Avari Tower’s Executive Chef Naim, Chinese Chef Yu and Japanese Chef Carlito are all brains behind this menu and not to forget the force of chefs who execute it so well. By the end of Iftaar Asia Live organizes a lucky draw where they give out several gift hampers including air tickets to the guests.

Apart from the food the ambiance Avari Towers has created is breathtaking. You will get the feel of Ramadan as soon as you enter main lobby and go towards Asia Live. That area has been decorated so well and in accordance to Ramadan. With the restaurant packed to the rim it was evident that the Iftar dinner at Asia Live is a huge success as it should be. If you are an Iftar buffet fan or want to experience good food, service and ambiance you must visit Asia Live this Ramadan.

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