Traversing Through Pakistan | St. Joseph’s Faculty Visit Swat

KARACHI: For the last three years the Cambridge staff of the St. Joseph’s Convent School, has been known to take its students to explore Pakistan. From the mighty and lofty mountains Hindukush, Karakoram and at the Himalayas traveling through KKH to the southeastern tip of the coastal hinterlands of Gawadar exploring Balouchistan, through the famous Makran Coastal Highway, the students of St. Josephs have seen it all, thanks to their most dynamic headmistress Mrs. Kapadia, who in collaboration with Khawaja Jahanzeb of Zeb Travels has managed the most amazing and adventurous trips. This time around their destination was Nathiagali, the nature’s beauty beyond words, and Swat, another wonderful place in the Northern Areas.

Reaching Islamabad in the morning, en route to Nathiagali they had their breakfast along the Korang river, and lunch at the Usmania Restaurant in Murree, visited Ayubia as well and finally in the evening reached the beautiful Summer Retreat Hotel, surrounded by snow making the environment more beautiful and cold.

The next day they visited the famous Donga Gali, walked in the Ayubia National Park along the famous water pipeline, laid down by the British, carrying water to Murree and did some shopping in Nathiagali.

After that they left for Swat and had a scrumptious lunch of Chappli Kabab and Kabuli Pulao at the very famous Al Madinah restaurants, had a stopover at an outlet next to the mosque which had the most beautiful and amazing rose garden, drove along river Swat saw the only Stupa left in there and finally reached the beautiful Sarena Swat Hotel by Magrib. Over there they visited the Swat museum, went to Bahrain and Madyan, which are beautiful areas along Swat river, had lunch at the picturesque Munal restaurant along river Swat. Later they visited the distinguished Wali e Swat’s White Palace, lately turned into a Hotel. Lastly they visited one of the famous Islampora Shawl handlooms.

All the students had an amazing time at the trip and gained more understanding and knowledge about Pakistan’s history, culture and topography.

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