Mian Safdar Hussain | An Interview with Leading Business Man

Interview By: Syed Rizwan Shamsi

Photos: Tahir Khan

LAHORE: A graduate from University of Engineering and Technology Lahore, Mian Safdar Hussain has more than two decades of experience in Wire & Cable Manufacturing and Marketing.

With an exceptional career in Manufacturing, Production, Sales and Marketing he is also registered as a professional engineer from Pakistan Engineering Counsel (PEC). He also holds a MBA degree in Marketing along with his degree in Engineering

While replying to Syed Rizwan Shamsi, Mr. Safdar Hussain, CEO said that he established CopperGAT Cables on 27th of holy month of Ramazan in year 2012 and his target was to make his company one of the top 500 companies in the world till 2025. He planned to make Pakistan known in the field electric wire and cables. He said that his company would be Pakistan’s largest company in 2020.

“My father and my teachers are my role model, because of them I am at this position” Safdar stated.

He said, whilst he was studying, he dreamt to serve Pakistan’s name in the field of wire and cables, which he has evidently achieved.

“We use American and German technology that’s why multinational companies and many leading Pakistani organizations like DHA, FWO, MLC and Askari Housing are using our cables. It is an honour for us that our cable is being used in Pakistan strategic programme.” Safdar told Holiday.

 A substantial amount of profit of Coppergat is spent for different welfare projects. Particularly in the rural area in the field of health and education.

 “From the platform of Yaqeen Foundation we did a lot – we made mobile hospitals and organized medical camps in different rural areas.” He added

The Foundation is running many educational institutions in jhang. The foundation is also working on many water projects in the Thar area.

 Mian Safdar told Holiday Weekly that Yaqeen Foundation also annually arranges the marriages of 100 poor girls.

While replying to a question he said that he actively participates in the political activities of the Chamber of Commerce and industry but with very graceful manners and he supports PIAF group in Lahore Chamber of Commerce and industry.

“We also supply our cable to strategic programmes of Pakistan, that were previously being imported from France, Europe, England and America. A joint venture of Pak-China power plant also used our wires and conducers.” He said that the game changer CPEC’s Lahore-Karachi motorway also used their cables.

“We have 15 display centers in Punjab, KP, Sindh and Baluchistan, our head office and production unit is in Lahore “ said Safdar.

He is also the President of Rotary Club Garrison, and Assistant Governor of Rotary Club International. His name is also in the list of 100 best CEO’s of Pakistan.

While talking about the economy of Pakistan he said, “Our GDP was 7% in Bhutto’s  era after that Nawaz Sharif and Pervaiz Musharif governments were better, however after that situation worsened drastically, we are not poor in resources but in governance.”

Democracy and justice are the only solutions to ongoing socio political and economic problems.

 He said Pakistan is a country of 220 million people with copious amount of natural resources and young talent.

While replying to a question he said that he loves to travel and Pakistan is one the best tourism destinations.

“It is highly important that we develop tourism infrastructure and it is necessary that implementation of tourism friendly policies are made to attract tourists from all over the world. Tourism can be an absolute game changer for our under pressure economy.”

“Mian Safdar said that leader is the one who delegates authority fearlessly, he is creative ,innovative and far sighted.”

Plz correct the dates in the begning, company started in 2012,no one pakistani company till 2020, 500best companies till 2025.

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