British Backpacker Society | The Team Explores Tourism Sights

ISLAMABAD: A 7-member British Backpacker Society (BBS) team has spent a couple of days exploring the tourist sights of the Federal Capital.

This is the same British Backpacker Society which ranked Pakistan the number one travel destination in the world last year.

Pakistan was chosen in the top spot because it was home to some of the world’s friendliest and most hospitable people and offers some of the world’s most beautiful mountain scenery.

“A highlight for the team was walking in the hills above the capital city, due to the relaxing atmosphere and spectacular views,” said a statement issued by BBS.

They also enjoyed a trip to the Secretariat, where they met policymakers tasked with the exciting job of unlocking Pakistan’s tourism potential.

With just days to go until a 7-member British Backpacker Society team arrives in Pakistan, it is a perfect time to recap what the founders of the British Backpacker Society did last time that they were in the country, a team member Samuel Joynson told APP.

He said that after a couple of days of touring Lahore, the team went to Lahore Railway station and jumped aboard an evening train to Rawalpindi.

“The train journey was unforgettable – the team shared tea (Chai) and biscuits late into the night with their carriage-mates and swapped stories about life, food and, most importantly cricket,” he said.

The British Backpacker Society is an organisation dedicated to promoting and enabling sustainable adventure travel in emerging tourism markets.

Through travel writing, photography, media comment, feature-length travel documentaries, public lectures and tourism policy consulting, the British Backpacker Society aims to encourage travellers to venture off-the-beaten-track and to see the world that lies behind the headlines.

The British Backpacker Society is a membership organisation that unites some of the world’s most experienced adventure travellers.

Together, the members of the British Backpacker Society have visited every country on earth and are united by their passions for off-the-beaten-track travel and the developmental potential of emerging market tourism.

The British Backpacker Society seeks members of all nationalities and ages who share the society’s vision and encourage individuals interested in membership to get in touch with society.

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