Turkish Airlines Hosts | Agency Award Night

KARACHI: On the evening of Wednesday, 24 th April 2019, Turkish Airlines Pakistan organized a notable gathering consisting of all leading travel agents of Karachi at the Pearl Continental Hotel. The event was organized to honour the most productive and well performing travel agents of Karachi for 2018 by giving them appreciation Awards.

Mr. Gurhan Sozen, General Manager and Mr. Agha Hussain Ahmed, Sales Manager–Pakistan Turkish Airlines warmly greeted all the guests upon their arrival.

In recent years Turkey’s national carrier has skyrocketed in the list of “Best Airline” rankings, and now stands toe to toe with the perennially top-rated carriers. Unlike many large airlines that have focused exclusively on one part of the plane or one demographic, Turkish wins accolades from nose to tail, with some of the best – and best priced – economy service, while its business class is better than the vast majority of competitors.

While welcoming all the guests in his speech Mr. Gurhan Sozen, General Manager Turkish Airlines-Karachi spoke about the new airport in Istanbul. He said, “Turkish Airlines has invested heavily in the new airport to provide our passengers with the most modern and luxurious facilities in the most hospitable airport. We have also changed our crew uniforms, added six new destinations and increased our fleet. All of this is being done to ensure that passengers travel with utmost comfort.”

He highly appreciated the support of all the travel agents in his welcome address and said that all momentous figures are achieved by dedication and hard work of Turkish Airlines team and the by the support of all travel agents.

Earlier a documentary of Turkey’s new flagship international airport, which means Istanbul New Airport was also shown to the guests.

Mr. Yahya Polani, Chairman Polani’s, and Sardar Rafiq Khan, Group Chairman Bukhari’s also spoke on the occasion and appreciated the dedication and hard work of Mr. Gurhan Sozen and his marketing team. Both the senior most personalities of travel trade, in specific, appreciated the efforts and cooperation of Mr. Agha Hussain Ahmed.

His Excellency Tolga UCAK, The Counsel General of Turkey in Karachi while addressing the gathering said, “Turkish Airlines now travels to roaring number 304 destinations in 122 countries whereas in 1993 the destinations in total were 78.”

He further said, “We have good intentions and big hearts for Pakistan and we will continue flying here. Turkey’s export to Pakistan increased from 346 Million US Dollars to 462 Million US Dollars in three years.”

His Excellency said that 77,000 Pakistanis visited Turkey in the year 2017 and it was all due to the friendly visa policy of Turkish government towards Pakistan and the aggressive marketing by Turkish Airlines and in 2020 they expect that around 1,30,000 Pakistanis will visit Turkey.

Lastly, top performing travel agents were awarded with appreciation awards.

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