Gender Equality | Mehak Strongly Believes in Women Empowerment

FAISALABAD: A marketing professional with a wide experience of 8 years working in different industries. Ms. Mehak Khan is currently serving Faisalabad Serena Hotel as Marketing & Communication Manager.

She is one of the true examples of empowered women of Faisalabad City who is currently holding a responsible position in one of the esteemed organizations. According to her opinion women empowerment means making women independent of their own for themselves without hurting others, in all aspects from mind, thought, rights, decision etc.

The only motto of women empowerment is to ensure equality in society between males and females. To go out and build a career is always considered to be a taboo in the smaller cities but that is just a perception that needs to be changed now. There are companies that are taking great measures in providing a safe environment for not only women but all their employees and in order to build a safe workplace atmosphere every individual needs to be aware of their own responsibilities.

Women need to understand if they won’t take care of themselves nobody else will and in order to get a successful career they need to focus on their goals without caring what society thinks that is the only way to achieve the best results and this is the high time for women to not accept but to challenge.

KARACHI: Seen here in the picture, The US Counsel General, Her Excellency Joanne Wagner receiving a shield from Syed Turab Shah, Secretary Corporate Affair America Pakistan Business Development Forum. Syed Nasser Wajahat,  Secretary General APBDF, Dr. Mirza Ikhtiar Baig Chairman – APBDF (Pakistan Chapter), Mr. Jhon H. Gimbel IV Visa Consul, Mr. Gregory Meier Economic Chief, Ms. Mahreen Kashif Economic Specialist, Mr. Syed Aminullah Hussaini Secretary Culture APBDF are also seen in the picture.

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