Exploring The Glories of Sindh | Zeb Take Students On An Excursion

KARACHI: The students of St. Josephs Convent Cambridge Section went for a trip to the Interior of Sindh, It was an educational trip that gave the 240 students from class VI to XI a chance to explore the history and culture of the province. The trip was highly well organised by Zeb travels who has been handling all their trips. The students visited Chawkandi, Bhambore, Makli and Keenjhar Lake

At Bhambore excavation was being done and so the students were able see an actual one being carried out after which they were told the folk tale of Sassi/Punno and were excited to see the place in reality then further where they went up and saw the ocean where Mohamed bin Qasim arrived

They then moved to Makli, the largest graveyard in the world and a heritage declared by UNESCO. The beautiful carving on the graves the inscription of Quranic verses was a treat for the students and the artists in the group were intrigued with the symmetry and beautiful designs. The younger students were in a daze when they were explained that there were no modern instruments all this was done by hand.

The students were also shown a Zero Carbon center which was set up by The World Heritage center where Yasmin Lari’s project is located in which the houses were made from Bamboos and Straw and the rest houses are all eco free. The students then had their lunch and bought a lot of locally made products from the women of the area.  The students then moved Keenjhar Lake that has been refurbished with rest houses a park with games and a Restaurant where they enjoyed tea and the most beautiful view of the lake.

It was truly a memorable and enlightening trip for the students.

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