Yes To National Cause | Hashoo Donates PKR 60 Million In Dam Fund

ISLAMABAD: Hashoo Group Chairman, Mr.  Saddrudin Hashwani and Deputy Chairman and CEO, Mr. Murtaza Hashwani called upon the Prime Minister Imran Khan at his secretariat yesterday to present a cheque of PKR 60 million toward the Prime Minister and the Chief Justice Bhasha Diamer and Mohmand dam fund. Hashoo Group owns and operates the landmark Pearl-Continental and Marriott Hotels in Pakistan and this donation puts it among the top ten private sector companies contributing toward the national cause. Raising funds for the cause started earlier this year when employees from Hashoo Group voluntarily opted to donate one day’s salary into the Supreme Court fund.

In August, the Chairman had called upon Imran Khan subsequent to his selection as Prime Minister to congratulate him and had assured him of full support in initiatives toward the betterment of Pakistan. The group employs almost 5,000 across the country and welcomes thousands of guests at its hotels on a daily basis. Hashoo Group joined collection efforts across the country, by not only offering employees to donate but also by placing donation points at all nine hotels across Pakistan. Hashoo Group has always been at the forefront for causes related to the nation and its citizens. Several projects such as tree plantation, battling climate change and water preservation are also part of the group’s objective in days to come.

Founded by entrepreneur Sadruddin Hashwani in 1960, the Hashoo Group is a global enterprise, headquartered in Pakistan, comprising more than 20 independently operating companies. The group operates across three continents, with a mission to ensure long-term profitability, increase shareholder value, provide career opportunities, and continuously support the betterment of the communities they operate in. From its humble origins in cotton trading, Hashoo Group has since expanded its expertise to a wide variety of industries.

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