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BANGKOK: Thailand based, world renowned traveler and food blogger, Mark Wiens, recently traveled to Pakistan, during his 16 day trip, he recorded the beautiful culture of Pakistan. He shared his adventures via his vlog and wrote about the amazing places, scrumptious food and the remarkable culture that Pakistan has to offer. Before releasing the complete video, Mark released snippets of his trip that left people wanting more. Mark tremendously enjoyed the hospitality and the love that Pakistan had to offer.

Mark’s 16 hour food trip in Lahore was very memorable. Mark Wiens started off his trip with delicious halwa puri at Sadiq Halwa Puri, Lahore. He thoroughly enjoyed the crisp yet rubbery puri, with the divine channa (Chickpea stew). Mr. Ali Hamdani, the CEO of Pakistan Travel Mart also accompanied Mark for this amazing breakfast and shared his experience of how he has been trying to get Mark to Pakistan for over two years.

Next, he headed to the Gawal Mandi, famous for the delicious food; Gawal Mandi is an essential stop in Lahore’s food-scape. A very commendable thing about this vlog was how Mark noted, appreciated and enjoyed everything about Lahore. From the free-flowing smooth traffic to the vibrancy and hustle bustle of the city. Mark summed his experience till here in one word- “wow”. At Gawal Mandi, Mark started off with the creamy goodness- Lassi. Watching Mark Wiens drink that lassi with Malai was like watching a child play with his prized toy; the joy was infectious. The lassi with malai was also enjoyed by Joel Bruner, the camera handler too! The smiles and the amazement of their faces were definitely contagious!

Mark moved from one place to another tasting different kinds of food items and dishes, including Bhutta, Channa & Meetha Alu (sweet potato)

Mark’s next stop of his 16 hour food trip was a 45 year old kulfi shop. After kulfi, Mark and his companions enjoyed fresh malta (a citrus fruit variant) juice. Next, he enjoyed the channa chat at a cart by the street. The street vendor refused to take the money since Mark Wiens and his team was the guests of Pakistan. This act deeply touched Mark and he became an even bigger fan for Pakistan and its hospitality.

He also tried the renowned Butt karahi, chicken tikka (spicy grilled chicken), Siri Payee and lamb chops too. Each meaty delight made him fall more in love with Pakistan. Biryani is a must try when you go to Pakistan and Sajji is a must try in Lahore and so Mark Wiens was treated to both these delicacies.

Mark’s trip to Mardan and the northern areas of Pakistan also garnered a lot of interest praise. He went from Lahore to Islamabad the capital of Pakistan and then traveled to Mardan via the motorway. There he fell in love with the chapli kababs.

The highlight of the video was Mark’s expressions as he tastes and enjoyed every sip and every bite. Mark Wiens showed the world a positive side of Pakistan. His trip to Pakistan got the message across that foreigners are welcomed here with open arms and is treated with utmost respect and care.

Here is the complete video of Mark Wiens taking his taste buds to the enticing journey of exotic Pakistani food!

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