‘Kilo of Kindness’ | Mövenpick Campaigns for Underprivileged Students

KARACHI: Mövenpick Hotel Karachi has always tried to emerge as a socially responsible entity by giving back to the area it operates in. The hotel has undertaken many activities previously as well to support key social causes, especially related to education. The hotel recently took part in a global CSR campaign ‘Kilo of Kindness’ that comes under the CSR function of Mövenpick Hotels and Resorts, Shine which focuses on assistance of underprivileged section of the society.

Mövenpick Hotel Karachi has been an ardent supporter of benefiting the area which is the reason for its business. The hotel has set-up a donation facility where guests and people visiting the hotel are encouraged to donate cash or learning supplies till the 15th of this month. The hotel has kept a free scoop of Mövenpick ice cream as an incentive for the people to donate. The hotel will be collecting donations internally from its employees as well portraying the humanitarian approach they exhibit.

“We cannot rate how one social cause is more important than the other as they all are significant and require attention but we strongly feel that education is a driving force which can make futures and benefit the whole household” said Mirza Mansoor, General Manager, Mövenpick Hotel Karachi. ”Due to this, we encourage you all to please visit our property and contribute in any way you can to help us assist these students”, he concluded.

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