Solo Female Travel | Is It Safe Now A Days

The term solo travel refers to travelling, usually overseas, without any companions to join you. Most who have embarked on a solo journey will tell you it’s one of the most rewarding experiences a person can have.

But that doesn’t mean the whole notion can’t seem daunting, especially when friends and fam start to weigh in with horror stories and safety concerns.

To answer the question, of course it is, Except India!

There are some concerns many have for travelling abroad alone as a female. In reality, solo travel can be perfectly safe regardless of your gender and is likely safer now in 2018 than ever before. The fact is, most that set out on a trip alone don’t stay alone for long. It’s extremely easy to meet fellow solo travellers on trips, many of which will have the same concerns that you may have.

There are some basic rules that anyone travelling abroad alone should follow, perhaps the most important one being to follow your gut instinct.

If you feel uncomfortable in any situation, just leave. You’re much more likely to find a like-minded traveller looking for adventure than anyone with bad intentions, yet it’s still important to trust your instincts on the road.

Furthermore, don’t do anything you wouldn’t do in your home country while travelling abroad. The one drawback of solo travel can be the lack of a helping hand at times, so it’s important to keep a clear head and recognize what might get you into trouble.

Luckily, most travellers will be impressed that you’ve chosen to take a trip alone and will want to help you along the way.

What are the best destinations for solo female travel in 2018?

According to a latest report Indian is most unsafe place for female and much more unsafe for solo female, the remaining world is generally a very safe place, of course there are some places besides India that travellers should avoid. On the contrary, there are many areas across the globe that is well-known for being safe and fun to travel alone through. What kind of travel experience do you want to have?

Those looking for a truly memorable journey might consider Southeast Asia. Thousands of solo female travellers head to this region annually, as it’s one of the most beautiful places on earth and is easy to navigate through.

Thailand is renowned for its incredible culture, beaches, and nightlife. Start south along the islands and head north to beautiful Chang Mai to see the entire country.

European solo travel is also easier now than ever before. Nearly every big city will have an abundance of budget hostels you can stay in for extremely cheap prices, and the fantastic public transportation throughout the entire continent will make journeys across countries simple and fun. To get off the beaten path, consider checking out Montenegro.

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