The EPIC Global Heli | Karachi Marriott Welcome The Dauntless Team

KARACHI: The EPIC Global Heli Tour has taken off from Whistler, Canada, on May 1st and will land 84 days later, precisely where it started. On their way, they will be stepping foot in more than 40 countries, flying over five different continents, Empowering People & Inspiring Change all over the planet. Mr. Ruben Dias is the Pilot of the Heli World Tour and his mission is to set a world record of flying around the world in a helicopter.

Karachi Marriott is the hotel partner of EPIC World Tour here at Karachi.

Right after landing here, the EPIC team reached the hotel where the Management of the hotel warmly welcomed the pilots of Epic Heli Tour and their mission for setting the record of world tour in a helicopter was encouraged and appreciated. Mr. Ruben Dias and his team were delighted by the hospitality extended and they instantly fell in love with the city of lights. Mr. Ruben and his team will be visiting the heritage sites of Karachi and then will be on their way to the world. The Management and the Associates of Karachi Marriott and Hashoo Group, wish them a very safe and pleasant journey.

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