Seminar On Tajikistan | Tourism Is The most Vibrant Industry in The World; Tajik Envoy

RAWALPINDI:  The Ambassador of Republic of Tajikistan, H.E. Shirali Jononv underscoring the importance of tourism stated that it plays an important role in generating GDP, revitalize foreign trade balance, creates avenues of employment and additional jobs. Similarly, tourism promotes the development of various sectors such as transport and communications, culture, arts, production of consumer’s goods and other sectors of economy in majority of countries.

He shared these views while addressing the participants of a one day seminar on Tajikistan, the land of opportunities for tourism industry of Pakistan organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Tajikistan with the cooperation of Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) at the Flashman Hotel here Thursday.  The one day seminar was also graced by Managing Director, PTDC, Chaudhry Abdul Ghafoor Khan  and General Manager, PTDC (Audit) , Ali Akbar and Madam Amon Zoda Shireen, PTDC Media Manager, Mukhtar Ali, Deputy Chairperson of the Committee on Tourism Development Republic of Tajikistan, and other  officials of Tajikistan Embassy in Pakistan,  Hoteliers  &  Tour Operators.

At the very outset, the Tajikistan Ambassador appreciated the Managing Director, Ghafoor Khan for what he said making good arrangements in organizing the seminar by Tajikistan Embassy at PTDC Headquarters.

While hailing the scenic beauty in Pakistan surrounded with mountains, parks, lakes rivers and deserts, the ambassador said that Tajikistan has also rich historical and cultural inheritances and natural resources besides having a real potential for encouragement of more tourists to the country.

He remarked that despite the ever increasing and unpredictable shocks from terrorist attacks and political instability, to health pandemics and natural disasters, travel and tourism continued to show its resilience in 2016, contributing direct GDP growth of 3.1 per cent and supporting 6 million net additional jobs in the sector.

In total, travel and tourism generated US dollar 7.6 trillion (10.2 per cent of global GDP) and 292 million jobs in 2016, equivalent to I in 10 jobs in the global economy.

Speaking earlier , PTDC Chief, Ch. Abdul Ghafoor  Khan appreciated the electronic visa system introduced by Tajikistan  which he said provides great relief to foreign people particularly tourists during getting visa of Tajikistan online. It is facilitating the process of obtaining a visa of Tajikistan and increasing the number of tourists in various countries.

Pointing towards participation of leading tour operators, travel agents and hoteliers in the seminar Ghafoor Khan believed that it could bring good effects in tourism sector.   The holding of such events through joint cooperation would ultimately create good impact in the economy of Pakistan and Tajikistan besides making improvement of relations between these two countries.

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