German Tourism Board | Accepts cryptocurrencies

DUBAI: Starting immediately, services of the German National Tourist Board (GNTB) can be paid in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

 The GNTB wants to test the underlying blockchain technology of cryptocurrencies in their finance department and in the medium term aims to use it for their international payment traffic, said a statement.

Petra Hedorfer, chair of the board of GNTB, explains: “Within our digitalisation strategy we continuously test newest technologies and trends to see if they could be useful for our company. Through accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment method and the possible medium-term implementation of the blockchain technology in our finance sector our international company wishes to set ourselves apart as an innovator and instigator within the tourism industry.”

 The blockchain technology offers interesting perspectives in regards to speed, transparency and security. Experts are expecting enormous improvements and saving potentials with, for example, international transactions, the statement said.

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