Celebratory Conclusion | PTM Gala Dinner Held At Pearl Continental

KARACHI: Held on Monday 27th November 17 and attracting an enviable guest list of both national and International exhibiters of PTM, seniors of airline, travel and hotel industry, government officials and active members of the tourism Industry. The gala dinner marked a celebratory conclusion of Pakistan Travel Mart 2017, which can easily be deemed as one of, if not the most successful travel and tourism exhibition in Pakistan.

PTM was a first of its kind travel and tourism expo in Pakistan, which aimed to stimulate both the domestic and international tourism markets in order to attract more visitors. The surrounding countries of Pakistan have also been highly supportive and many foreign guests including tour operators and delegations attended from Thailand, Malaysia, UAE, Turkey, Sri Lanka, and Azerbaijan and many other countries.

On the night of the gala, a festive celebration was showcased to all the honorable attendees, with troupes from Malaysia, Thailand, and Sri Lanka who entertained guests with their different artistic forms of dances. From Pakistan Gilgit – Baltistan, Sindh, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa displayed their culture through traditional dances and classical and semi classical singing.

Captivating documentaries about the respective provinces of Pakistan and other participant countries were also shown which gave the guests a perspective about their lifestyle, popular tourist destinations as well as their cultures.

The organizers of the Mart as well as a few other chief guests made their speeches about the Travel Mart. The memorable evening came to an end with an exceptional buffet dinner.

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