Kenya Airways and Gerry’s | Arrange Seminars in Faisalabad and Multan

Kenya Airways along with Gerry’s (Official GSA for Kenya Airways in Pakistan) further gear up to hold product briefing sessions recently at Hotel Zanzibar in Multan and at Best Western Hotel in Faisalabad.

The main purpose of the events was to get the top-notch agents together with the staff and enlighten them about the new product developments especially the recent SPA agreement between Fly Dubai and Kenya Airways.

Kenya Airways’ new SPA agreement with Fly Dubai has ensured that the passengers get an optimal route to travel unto Nairobi and other internal African points on Kenya Airway’s network. The combinations made using this partnership between Fly Dubai and Kenya Airways serves to enhance the overall product and give potential passengers a more viable option to choose from when traveling to Nairobi or other African points.

Mr. Ali Abidi, Manager Sales Kenya Airways Karachi, traveled to Multan and Faisalabad to ensure the success of these seminars, briefed the agents with all relevant information, and catered all the queries the agents had. These sessions were extremely interactive with their prestigious travel partners appreciating Kenya Airways’ effort to build mutual and prosperous relationships to enhance business in the long run.

Mr. Mujahid, Sales Manager Multan Station for Gerry’s, along with Mr. Safdar, Sales Manager Faisalabad Station for Gerry’s, put lot of efforts in making the seminars a success as well as contributed and assured all the valued travel partners that they and their teams will provide all necessary support to enhance sales of Kenya Airways throughout Pakistan.

Gerry’s and Kenya Airways have shared an exemplary partnership and relationship since 1993; together, Gerry’s has always utilized its full potential and exposure to assist Kenya Airways into further prosperity and growth in Pakistan.

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