World Travel Market Africa | A Major Push For Africa Tourism

CAPE TOWN: Africa Tourism is hot right now. Overlooked in the past, the tourism potential of the African continent is now becoming visible.

The first African Tourism Board (ATB) is about to be launched in Cape Town during the upcoming World Travel Market Africa in South Africa on April 11 with a list of impressive speakers, ministers, private industry leaders, and stakeholders attending.

A week before the ATB launch in Cape Town on April 11, the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) is getting ready for their annual summit in Seville, Spain. With a price tag of $4,000 for a delegate to attend the summit, WTTC is catering to the hundred largest companies in the travel and tourism industry.

Keynote speaker at the summit is none other than former US President Barack Obama who is getting paid an enormous amount of money to share his views on tourism with WTTC CEO Gloria Guevara.

In Cape Town at the African Tourism Board launch, former UNWTO Secretary General Dr. Taleb Rifai is paying his own way, and so are a number of tourism celebrities and stakeholders from both larger and smaller entities.

ATB expects a good number of African tourism ministers, head of tourism boards, stakeholders for major and not so major private enterprises to attend.

Speakers include Dr. Taleb Rifai, former Secretary General of the UNWTO, Geoffrey Lipman, president of ICTP and SunX, Dr. Peter Tarlow, an expert for travel security and safety working with The host Carol Weaving, director of Reed Exhibition and the World Travel Market will welcome all guests.

Interim chairman Juergen Steinmetz will announce a new president.

A number of surprise guests including ministers of tourism and known leaders in the global travel and tourism industry are expected to give their view and input on African Tourism.

Everyone attending wants to show their excitement and support for the new African Tourism Board and potential Africa has for new tourism developments. It’s free to attend the African Tourism Board launch event.

In the last 7 days, the news on tourism growth for African destinations couldn’t have been better and must have come as a surprise for many.

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