Traveling to Pakistan first time? Here is something you should keep in mind | Worthy travelling tips for Brits, especially for the first time visitors to Pakistan

Pakistan is a place which is known as a legendary country among travel lovers. Firmly on the old Silk Road, traders have been going through Pakistan’s unbelievable inside for quite a long time; the Karakoram Highway (KKH) is one of the world’s most prominent roads. Unfortunately, Pakistan is additionally the stuff of negative news features, facing unpredictable neighbours (Afghanistan, Iran) and psychological militant overspill.

You have to do your exploration before making a trip to Pakistan, however in the event that you visit you’ll be compensated with an unbelievably warm welcome, dazzling landscape, the Himalaya, Karakoram, and the Hindu Kush ranges crash and world class remainders of old Indus Valley civilisations (attempt those at Mohenjo-Daro), while scouring shoulders with just a couple of different voyagers.

The British High Commission in Pakistan keeps up and creates relations between the UK and Pakistan. Be that as it may, travel in Pakistan isn’t the most straightforward assignment one can fold their fingers over; travel in Pakistan requires various tips to be pursued, all together for the ideal experience while travelling. These tips, whenever pursued, will result in an upgraded involvement while you head out starting with one area then onto the next.

On the other hand, visiting Pakistan is not a couple of weeks work. Take a look at reviews of travellers and visitors, what they are said is nothing else but that it is not possible to leave this country on time. Probably you will stay two or three weeks more than your plan. It is because of hospitality of locals and superb places.

So in order to avoid any stress, pack your stuff a bit more. No need to be worried about the situation of extra luggage because there are many cargo services nowadays who took care of your this problem. Now you are able to send cargo to Pakistan from UK in the least possible rates which surely is way lesser than your air travelling company.

Visa policy for visiting Pakistan

As a standard guideline, a Pakistani visa must be connected for from your nation of origin or place of residence. Provisions change from government office to international safe sanctuary, once in a while, they even fluctuate from department to consulate.

Regardless, ordinarily, they require a flight schedule and a LOI (Letter of Invitation). Simply connect with the Pakistani Embassy in your nation of origin and approach them for further subtleties. Cost of visa relies upon your government office, anyhow, to the extent I think, UK international ID holders pay up to 100USD. Most government offices will require a Letter of Invitation from an enlisted visit administrator, some of them being stricter than others.

In any case, of late, most tour administrators won’t issue a LOI except if you book a whole (or fractional) visit with them. In the event that you are leaving Pakistan through the airplane terminal, obviously, presently it is conceivable to make the expansion at the air terminal itself. There is a sign declaring that, in the event that you outstayed for up to about fourteen days, the augmentation will be for nothing out of pocket.

In the event that you exceeded between about fourteen days and up to two months month, it will cost 50USD and, more than that, for up to 2 months, it will cost 200USD. Presently Brits can get a numerous section 30-day visa on landing in the airport also.

How safe and secure visit to Pakistan is?

Pakistan isn’t perilous yet you ought to be mindful. You may have perused from different web journals that Pakistan is one of the most secure nations on the planet. Though I think that Pakistan is certainly not a perilous nation, in a few regions, it’s smarter to be wary, particularly in the district restricting Afghanistan.

All through your tour in Pakistan, you’ll be persistently questioned by many policemen and individuals from the military. Who are you? For what reason would you say you are here? Where are you going? In Pakistan, the police and military are really cool and, for your own security, they are directed to put forth these inquiries.

One reason why Pakistan is definitely not an unsafe nation is on account of the Pakistani insight, which is viewed as the best knowledge corps on the planet, far and away superior to the CIA. Know that they tread carefully and they unfailingly know where you are and what you are doing.

Culture and behaviour of Pakistan and Pakistanis

Urdu, which resembles Hindi, is the official language. In any case, every area has its very own or a few neighbourhood dialects, so unique in relation to one another. English is generally talked among educated societies. Pakistan is a standout amongst the most ethnically and socially assorted nations.

From the South Asian looking individuals of Punjab and Sindh; to the general population of the Pashtun zones, closer to Iran or Afghanistan; the agnostic culture of Kalash; the Shias from Gilgit and Nagar; the Ismailis of lower Hunza and the Wakhis of upper Hunza. People in general say that, in Sudan, Iran, and Iraqi Kurdistan, you locate the most helpful people on the planet.

All things considered, plainly, they haven’t visited Pakistan. Though the facts confirm that these nations are truly cordial, Pakistanis convey it to the following dimension. In this nation, you are the visitor, which implies that local people make progress toward you to have the most ideal time in their nation or area. Amid your trek to Pakistan, you’ll be welcomed for lunch, supper and even to remain at individuals’ homes so often that, on numerous events, you should cannot.

After your refusal, they will demand indeed, again and again. They will likewise demand conveying your sack and offering you nourishment one hundred times regardless of whether you told them that you are full. These are their social tenets and you are the guest. The conventional Pakistani dress, which 80% or 90% of Pakistanis wear, is called shalwar kameez.

Do you think you will wear it? It’s not mandatory but rather, in the event that you do, local people will truly like it, particularly in the Pashtun zones. Pakistan is the most moderate nation. You ought to be watchful and dependably regard their guidelines. On the off chance that you do, they will likewise regard you and you will have the best time in their nation.

Beware of the yummy food, it is safe and yum but way spicy for you

Pakistanis love oil extremely. They put huge amounts of it in every dinner, lunch, into the steamed rice, which they will dependably sear a short time later. When you are in an eatery, dependably request half seared. Chai, which is tea with milk, is a lifestyle in Pakistan and a sign of hospitality.

Try not to drink tap water. In the northern areas local people will reveal to you that the faucet water is great, as it originates from the mountains and ice sheets. This might be valid, however you could be ill by drinking non filter water. Continuously utilize a water purifier to be safe and healthy. In Pakistan lunch and dinners is served of rice, sheep or chicken curry, daal (lentil curry) and roti or chapatis (flatbreads).

Pork is illegal. Breakfast will include more roti, eggs, and nectar. Apricots are a nearby claim to fame in the Northern Areas, see them drying on the housetops. Pakistanis serve a great deal of meat, however there are a lot of vegetable dishes including, for example, okra, cauliflower, chickpeas, and spinach reasonable for veggie lovers, and hosts will joyfully make up a greater amount of these whenever inquired.

Conveyance you can use during your tour to Pakistan

Like in most developing nations where the vast majority can’t bear to purchase a vehicle, transports and minivans travel to even the remotest territories in the nation. In Sindh and Punjab territories, Daewoo is the most extravagance transport. For making a trip to Gilgit from Islamabad, you should take NATCO VIP Bus ($17). In Sindh and Punjab regions to Peshawar, you can move around via train as well.

There are so many train categories and classes, yet you ought to dependably take the private ones, as they are increasingly reliable. Use AC standard, as it is the one utilized by the Pakistani white collar class. It’s not costly, not malodorous and sufficiently agreeable. Everyone becomes in love with the trucks in Pakistan, as they are so especially brightened that they are a gift to your focal point.

Going by transport from Islamabad toward the northern regions, including Chitral, Gilgit and Skardu take ages (from 15 to 20 hours). There are flights associating Islamabad with every one of these urban communities. Tickets cost up to $100, around. It would be ideal if you take note of that, for travelling to and from Gilgit, you should book a few days (even weeks) ahead of time. Also, remember that numerous flights get dropped because of the climate condition.

Always carry extra cash along with yourself

You should always carry some extra cash with you. Travel in Pakistan makes few things guaranteed, from them one is everything probably won’t turn ideal for you. You have to keep a decent measure of additional money with you while touring. Keep in mind warding off the additional money from your bag, due to the tote goes, so do the emergency reserves. Deal carefully with your things and beware of pickpockets and criminals.

Be safe, be yourself

Planning things to do isn’t for the tremendous hearts and certainly for the people who travel in Pakistan. Take the path of least resistance, wherever it takes you. The main thing you have to do is to remain safe as much as you can, and the rest, you have to give up off. Simply keep confidence in God and in your abilities. The confident attitude and infrequently preparations will prompt outstanding amongst other encounters of your life, particularly when you’re visiting up North.

All type of drugs are illegal in Pakistan, so it is suggested to stay away from them. Try not to harm yourself and spoil your trip to Pakistan for few moments of enjoyment.

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