Simply Walk Through | Just Keep Passport in Pocket At UAE Airport

ABU DHABI: UAE Airports have one of the world fastest immigration systems where passengers are already able to speed through by just  scanning their travel documents at smart gates.

In near future, you simply walk through the airport by keeping passport or Emirates ID in your pocket and breeze through the gate, a senior official said on Sunday.

Esmail Abdullah, CEO of Strata“The idea is you just keep your passport in your pocket when you arrive at the airport after walking out of the flight, thanks to advanced facial recognition technology, a biometric Artificial Intelligence [AI]-based application,” said Esmail Abdullah, CEO of Strata, a composite aero-structures manufacturing facility wholly owned by Mubadala Investment Company.

There will be a number of cameras taking your picture and working behind the scenes to ensure that you are the same person [whose data was already sent by airline to the airport and matched],” said Abdullah, who is also Vice-President in Mubadala’s Aerospace, Renewables and ICT, one of four global business platforms within Mubadala Investment Company.

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