‘An Hour With Holiday’ | Tourism Can Become The Backbone Of Our Economy; Dr. Shehla Javed Akram

Some people are recognized by their work, which becomes their identity and theyprove that the purpose of life is not to sit at home but to get out and do something for humanity. One such name is Dr. Shehla Javed Akram, whose work is known and recognized across the country.

Last week Ms. Soofia Javed, Associate Editor Holiday Weekly had the opportunity of meeting Dr. Shehla Javed Akram at her office. When Soofia asked about her life and career, Dr. Shehla told that she got married to Dr. Javed Akram when she was in fourth year of MBBS. She fully supported her husband whilst he completed his specialization from London. She had to travel a lot between London and Pakistan for those years. During the same period she both studied at the University of London and completed her House Job.

Dr. Shehla told Ms. Soofia that both she and her husband started their career after they returned to Pakistan and established their private practice. It was around this time when Akram Complex, Dr. Shehla and Dr. Javed Akram’s private hospital came into existence.

Dr. Shehla stated that, initially, there was no plan to construct a hospital but when an idea of a hospital came to their mind her husband handed over all the responsibility to her and gave her the authority to make major decisions regarding the hospital.

Dr. Shehla from there onwards, dedicated her entire time and focus to make this hospital a reality. She did a course in hospital administration to make sure she had all knowledge necessary to run a hospital smoothly and above everything she also shifted to the hospital and lived there for two years.

It was after the success of their hospital that the idea of a Pharmaceutical company came about her husband’s mind. Dr. Shehla’s Husband had known investors from multinationals through the help of which a pharmaceutical company was started under the name of Dawn Valley, which after some time Dr. Shehla took responsibility of. For this purpose she did her masters in human resource management and eventually became the CEO of Dawn Valley.

Dr. Shehla Javed Akram told us that the place where she was being interviewed by Ms. Soofia, a shopping plaza plus cinema named Vogue Tower was once her house, which she sold in order to construct a shopping plaza there.


Dr. Shehla is the lady who founded WCCI Lahore. She was also a part of Lahore Chamber from day one and was the only women amongst men. She won the elections of Lahore Chamber and got 850 Single Votes. She worked three years as opposition in Lahore Chamber.

Talking about Women Chamber Dr. Shehla spoke about women not being taken seriously by men in Lahore chamber and their opinions were not given importance, which became the main reason behind the foundation of Women Chamber that has been working successfully for 9 years

“Women Chamber represents women at all platforms”, Dr. Shehla stated that WCCI Lahore had the target of getting seats in 160 organizations from which 90 have been achieved.

Dr.Shehla talked about how difficult it is for an individual woman to gain a seat in political organizations or other associations and so it is easier for a whole women chamber to gain seats and become important members of organizations whose opinions matter.


Talking about her life Dr. Shehla told Ms. Soofia that she believes if your intentions are right and you are focused you can achieve everything. She said that her husband always had faith in her abilities and in return she proved herself.


Talking about tourism Dr. Shehla told Soofia that it is very close to her heart. She believes that the government does not facilitate and focus on this sector. Thailand and Malaysia, in her opinion are the biggest countries that are built upon tourism. She stated that our very own neighboring country is concentrating and spending a lot more on the tourism sector.

Ms. Soofia enjoyed talking to Dr. Shehla. ‘Holiday’ believes that she sets a perfect example of how women should work for their right, independence and become more effective members of their society.

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