More Facilitation | Issuance of Hajj & Umrah Visas Made Easy; Al-Maliki

ISLAMABAD: Saudi Ambassador to Pakistan His Excellency Nawaf Ahmad Al-Maliki has said that the issuance of visa has been made easier for Umrah and Hajj pilgrims.

The Saudi government has made special arrangement to give better facilities, provide security and accommodation to Pakistani Umrah and Hajj pilgrims, he said.

The ambassador said the Saudi ministry concerned has been directed to take action against those travel agents who create problems or commit fraud with the pilgrims. “That is why actions are being taken against mafias who deceive and mislead the pilgrims,” he added.

Maliki said the Saudi government has provided employment and other opportunities to Pakistanis. Reminding the contributions made by Kingdom to Pakistan, the ambassador said Saudi Arabia is the first country to help Pakistan in any difficult situation.

 “We believe that Pakistan’s problems are the Kingdom’s problems,” he said.

Maliki maintained that Saudi Arabia has started many projects in Pakistan and is planning to launch many more in the future.

Talking about the defence of the two holy mosques, he said Pakistan has played its due role for protecting HarmainSharifain. “Saudi Arabia is with Pakistan in its defence and security,” he reiterated.

He said Pakistan and Saudi Arabia enjoy unanimity of views either it is war against terrorism or issues the Muslim Ummah faces currently.

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